[Bug 82808] [IVB/BYT-M/BDW] Unigine-Heaven4.0 on IVB/BYT-M/BDW performance is slower(=?UTF-8?Q?=E2=86=932x?=) ) than HSW_GT3e.

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> > Unigine-Heaven4.0 on IVB/BYT-M/BDW very slower(↓2x) than HSW_GT3e, this issue doesn’t exist on Unigine-Heaven3.0.
> Heaven (v4) is memory BW bound and GT3e has more of that (with its 128MB L4)
> than IVB/BYT/BDW devices have have currently so Heaven being clearly faster
> on it is to be expeced.
> Are you saying that Heaven v3 is same speed on GT3e as it's on BYT?  If it's
> system memory bandwidth bound (= memory accesses don't fit into L4), I can
> buy it being fairly same speed as on IVB & BDW as the devices we currently
> have, have same bandwidth.  However, if BYT is same speed, that is
> definitely wrong.
I didn't mean that.Both of them are slower on IVB/BYT-M/BDW comparing with they
are on HSW-GT3e. What I wanted to express is that Heaven v4 is too slow.
besides, Heaven v3 is faster than Heaven v4.

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