[Bug 80792] [IVB/HSW/BYT-M Bisected]3D ( SynMark2_v5.3.0 /SynMark2_v6.0 /Lightsmarkv2008 &/warsow_v1.0 /GLBenchmarkv2.7.0/GpuTest GiMark) performance reduced 20%~90%

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--- Comment #12 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> But zhoujian's comment above suggested that the patches I uploaded here
> fixed the performance drop on the reported platforms... Eero are you testing
> this with master and the two attached patches on top or with a clean
> checkout of master? I think Kenneth has not pushed these patches to master
> yet.

Kenneth commented that they had failures, so they're no-go.

But I had tested performance with them: Egpyt, T-Rex and GiMark have still few
(4-5%) percent regression, and basic TriList test has >30% regression (on HSW
GT3e).  IMHO its too much even if the patch would work.

FYI: the max amount of primitives per frame are fairly high with these tests):
- T-Rex:   3.8M
- Egypt:   3.2M
- GiMark: 38.0M  (without instancing 420)
- Valley:  6.4M  (without instancing 4.2M)
- Heaven:  3.8M  (without instancing 3.2M)
- TriList: 6.0M 

(In reply to comment #11)
> We'll have to come up with a proper implementation for
> GL_PRIMITIVES_GENERATED in the multiple streams case.  It looks like none of
> the counters work in all cases.  We may need to use atomics in the geometry
> shader to count things manually for streams 1-3, and hack stream 0 to use
> CL_INVOCATIONS_COUNT unless a GS program that uses streams is active, then
> use atomics, and add both sources together to get the final value.  Ugly,
> but I can't think of anything better...

Do you mean that the original patch didn't provide the correct
GL_PRIMITIVES_GENERATED counts, or that there are some other problems with just
  if geometry shader
    use SO_PRIM_STORAGE_NEEDED // for all streams

(Is there some way to use non-zero streams without geometry shader?)

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