[Bug 73431] [snb] GPU hang in blorp HiZ resolve for google maps

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Tue Jul 22 06:10:09 PDT 2014


--- Comment #12 from Leo Wolf <jclw at ymail.com> ---
>   - Please try to reproduce with Mesa master-6a5c86f. The commit immediately
> after that removes a "redundant" HiZ workaround. Maybe it wasn't redundant
> after all.

The hang occurs on master, on master without 9036887, on master-6a5c86f, and on

>   - How exactly are you reproducing the hang? By zooming and out on New York
> City for 4 hours? By rotating the earth left continuously for 30 minutes
> near the equator?

Just wiggling the map (https://www.google.com/maps/preview/?force=webgl) is
enough in chromium.  Having the FPS counter enabled delays the hang in
chromium.  I can't consistently reproduce it in firefox.

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