[Bug 84651] Distorted graphics or black window when running Battle.net app on Intel hardware via wine

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Mon Nov 10 05:18:28 PST 2014


--- Comment #11 from Lubosz Sarnecki <lubosz at gmail.com> ---
This bug affects all application using Qt5 QtQuick 2 applications build with
MSVC run on i965.


The MSVC Qt5 SDK uses the ANGLE graphics layer, in contrary to the MinGW one,
which uses Desktop OpenGL.


Since native Qt5 Linux applications do not use ANGLE, only applications using
wine are affected.

I have uploaded precompiled versions of the QtQuick clock example, one using
MinGW, the other one MSVC. 


The bug only occurs for the MSVC/ANGLE version.

I also uploaded apitraces of the native Linux version and wine with MSVC and

All traces can be played back on nouveau and swrast (e.g.
The MSVC/ANGLE traces cannot be played back on i965. All software versions on
both systems are identical.

Traces using MSVC/ANGLE recorded on nouveau also cannot be played back on i965.

Analyzing the MSVC/ANGLE trace with qapitrace on i965 shows that the texture is
uploaded correctly, but apparently not displayed correctly.


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