[Bug 80568] [gen4] GPU Crash During Google Chrome Operation

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Fri Nov 14 12:35:09 PST 2014


--- Comment #24 from haineb at gmail.com ---
The mainboard that this graphics chipset was embedded in has failed and I no
longer have it available for testing. (Failure seemed to be DIMM related;
probably not relevant to this bug.)

I rolled out Mint 17 with Chrome perhaps two weeks after its release/two weeks
before opening this report. These intermittent failures started happening
immediately. The failures persisted throughout all subsequent system/Chrome
updates until the board died a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I was not able to identify any cases under which this set of
packages worked stably on this graphics chipset.

(The new system with different mainboard is running the same packages; just
moved the hard disc over. No failures have occurred since swapping to a
different mainboard/graphics chipset.)

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