[Bug 80568] [gen4] GPU Crash During Google Chrome Operation

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--- Comment #34 from Alex <alexsecret at hotmail.com> ---
It used to work for all of us, I remember it too.  The bug first appeared in
version 36 and it was only a couple of times in 4 months.  It got worse in 37
and finally it's permanent in 38.

They keep changing things.  The fact that hardware acceleration is enabled,
doesn't mean that all functions are enabled too.  If you type chrome://gpu on
your search bar, you will see a more thorough list of what is actually enabled
and what's not yet.  They keep certain functions disabled till they become

On my system, the Web store is crashing the GPU each and every time I go there
without disabling hardware acceleration first.  It's not random.  The web store
has no videos.  hotmail is doing it too but randomly.  Google Chrome download
page caused it once too.  It has to be something else or there maybe 2 or 3
factors causing this.

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