[Bug 85064] Intel DRI3 causes extremely slow scrolling on certain pages with WebKitGTK+

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Tue Nov 18 13:14:56 PST 2014


--- Comment #10 from Matt Hessel <matt.hessel at gmail.com> ---
I think there are multiple issues regarding DRI3, not limited to the sandboxing
stuff in Chrome (which has been an issue for me longer than this.)  But I
started having screen update issues with Guake in a terminal in October.  When
typing it would update the cursor and the letters similar to running
Wordperfect on my old PC in 1989. (type 4 digits, and it shows them to you
after the third or fourth)

On top of that, I wasn't able to get chrome or chromium to run in Gnome3 at all
at that point.

Backing the driver out to this version eliminates these issues for me.  Other
way I could get it working was to disable dri3 in xorg.conf.

Terminal acts normal again, and chrome will run without (too much) stupidity..

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