[Bug 80568] [gen4] GPU Crash During Google Chrome Operation

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Thu Nov 20 21:05:42 PST 2014


--- Comment #57 from shachar <shacharr at gmail.com> ---
I did few tests to see if I can narrow down the cause of the issue, here are my
insights so far:

- It seems that the bug is triggered only if AccelMethod is SNA. Setting the
AccelMethod to UXA seems to be hiding the issue with chrome/chromium. Issue
still shows up when running glmark2 -b ideas (though this might be a different

- I tried changing the Xorg/XFree driver versions. I used the freedesktop git,
and went all the way back to 2.20.0, where SNA was officially introduced. Bug
is reproducing there as well. I attach a small patch to make the code from
2.20.0 compile on modern Xorg version.

- Last April was when Ubuntu released their new "long term support" version,
this (and derivatives) might explain part of the spike in the bug reports at
this point, as large number of people jumped ship to have SNA enabled by
default in their distro

- The ArchLinux page on Intel graphics (
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_graphics ) contains few pointers to
additional tweaking knobs to try out. Going to try them next when I have some
free time.

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