[Bug 92822] [BDW, bisected] arb_arrays_of_arrays.execution.image_store.basic-imagestore-const-uniform-index

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Fri Dec 4 13:48:54 PST 2015


--- Comment #3 from Mark Janes <mark.a.janes at intel.com> ---
<tarceri> [13:30:26] janesma, I still have 92822 on my list but as I said to
          Ian here when he marked it as a blocker for 11.1 its not a
<tarceri> [13:30:55] I don't see why it should be a blocker for the 11.1
<tarceri> [13:34:14] There are two issues 1. a bug with image store on bdw
          which also happens on the non arrays of arrays tests 2. A bug with
          arb_program_interface_query for arrays of arrays which again is not
          a regression just a bug
<tarceri> [13:34:27] with new functionality 
<tarceri> [13:36:37] Unfortunately the fix for 2. is not as simple as it
          seems, issue 1. I have been unable to reproduce but is clearly a bug
          with image store rather than AoA

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