[Bug 92234] [BDW] GPU hang in Shogun2

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--- Comment #9 from pavel.e.popov at intel.com ---
Somehow this issue wasn't reproduced with Mesa master. But I'm not sure that
this problem will not appear again.

I used 41e82f4f96f87e3b5bd3e7a3dc221cf6e6b6ae0b from Mesa master and couldn't
reproduce hangs on all Total Wars.

Kenneth I didn't try Mesa up to 604ae33c8b95a97ba586780324566fd21c59b695 as
you, I observed these hangs on Mesa 10.6 and found they are gone on my
workloads if just one patch 604ae33c8b95a97ba586780324566fd21c59b695 is
reverted. This is can be a reason why you didn't see hangs.

Looks like some order of NIR optimizations lead to hangs on BDW. For example, I
used Mesa 10.6, reverted patch 604ae33c8b95a97ba586780324566fd21c59b695 and
hangs were gone on my workloads Empire and Napoleon but when I also reverted
patch f5cf74d8ba8ce30b9d53b2198e5122ed72f1dcff for Shogun2 and observed that
hangs appeared again on Empire. I could hide all hangs only when I removed all
NIR optimizations in nir_opt_algebraic.py (comment 2 is wrong, some
optimizations weren't removed during that experiment).

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