[Bug 92234] [BDW] GPU hang in Shogun2

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--- Comment #11 from Ian Romanick <idr at freedesktop.org> ---
Assuming that the information in comment #10 is at least mostly correct, I'd
like to see several pieces of additional information:

1. Do the hangs occur on Mesa 11.0.6 or the current tip of the 11.0 stable
branch?  I suspect that they will, but I want to be thorough.

2. If the hangs occur on Mesa 11.0.4 and do not occur on master, can someone
bisect to see when this was fixed?  There may be some backend patch that we
want to cherry pick back to 11.0.

3. Can someone attach the GEN assembly of the shaders that trigger the hang? 
It sounds like running the Shogun2.trace trace with the environment variable
INTEL_DEBUG=vs,gs,fs should do the trick.

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