[Bug 93320] [HSW,BDW,SKL][GLES 3.1 CTS] ES31-CTS.vertex_attrib_binding.advanced-bindingUpdate fail

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--- Comment #1 from Marta Löfstedt <marta.lofstedt at intel.com> ---

Values set by vert attrib is compared to values set by ProgramUniform. If they
don't match (1,1,1,1) is set to out color. 
The programuniform values appear to be correct, but the vert attrib values are
not correct. They are correct in the vertex shader, but in the fragshader the
values are offset. For example in vs:

layout(location = 3) in uvec3 vs_in_data0;
layout(location = 4) in ivec2 vs_in_data1
flat out uvec3 data0;
flat out ivec2 data1;

here value are correct. However in fs:

flat in uvec3 data0;
flat in ivec2 data1

data0 is offset such that data0' = {data0.y, data0.z, data1.x}

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