[Bug 86281] brw_meta_fast_clear (brw=brw at entry=0x7fffd4097a08, fb=fb at entry=0x7fffd40fa900, buffers=buffers at entry=2, partial_clear=partial_clear at entry=false)

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Tue Jul 28 02:14:04 PDT 2015


--- Comment #20 from Samuel Iglesias <siglesias at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Samuel Iglesias from comment #19)
> I reproduced this bug on my SNB laptop and Mesa master (HEAD 7850774). I
> found that just before crashing at brw_meta_fast_clear.c:451, it prints out
> the following error:
>   Failed to open BO for returned DRI2 buffer (1600x900, dri2 back buffer,
> named 11).
>   This is likely a bug in the X Server that will lead to a crash soon.
> Which is printed at intel_process_dri2_buffer() when
> drm_intel_bo_gem_create_from_name() returns a NULL pointer.

Forgot to mention that when this error message is printed out, we return from
intel_process_dri2_buffer() but the miptree was free'd before by
intel_miptree_release(&rb->mt) call. Later on, we try to dereference it at
brw_meta_fast_clear.c:451 and segmentation fault happens.

> I added some
> traces to that function at libdrm and found that drmIoctl(bufmgr_gem->fd,
> DRM_IOCTL_GEM_OPEN, &open_arg) is returning an error, so this bug seems to
> be produced by the kernel driver.
> My distro is Debian Jessie with a Linux kernel 3.14.
> Hope this helps.

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