[Bug 91857] Mesa 10.6.3 linker is slow

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--- Comment #15 from Clive McCarthy <CliveMcCarthy at gmail.com> ---
Clearly, whatever my *weird* fragment shader is doing to the linker, shouldn't
impede the excellent optimizations that are being made to the actual shader

My own work-around on an i3 is to show a fixed image that allows a projector to
be focused for the ~90 seconds while the shader links.

Factors of two, in the linking of the shader, are not an issue. There is a two
or three orders of magnitude class of problem somewhere. An i7 far outclasses
the Atom processor but the Nvidia linker gets the job done in 120ms and the i7
30 to 40 seconds.

Profiling the linker, while it's working on the shader, should show up where
all the cycles are being consumed. There are an awful lot of i7 cycles in 30

I built Ian Romanick's standalone Mesa compiler and use it as an adjunct to my
system just to make sure my shaders are compliant and portable. I'm tempted to
try and build the Mesa linker too but I don't know that I have the skills to do
the job.

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