[Bug 92760] Add FP64 support to the i965 shader backends

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Thu Apr 7 06:40:20 UTC 2016


--- Comment #74 from Iago Toral <itoral at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Grazvydas Ignotas from comment #71)
> Out of the interest I've tried the https://github.com/Igalia i965-attrib64
> branch and it breaks font rendering on my Skylake machine (xfce desktop,
> DRI3, X.Org 1.18.1). I could try bisecting if that helps, just thought it
> might be something known or expected.

Thanks for reporting this! that branch is not the one we are working with
though, that is for the development of GL_vertex_attrib_64bit which is still in
an early stage and it is done on top of i965-fp64, which is the one that has
the fp64 implementation for gen8+. It would be interesting if you could try
with i965-fp64 to see if your problems are strictly related to the fp64
implementation or vertex attrib 64. We are aware of a number of problems in the
fp64 implementation that we have been discussing here, but I don't think any of
them should lead to the issues you report so if you can see that problem with
the i965-fp64 branch alone it might be something else that we need to look

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