[Bug 95164] GLSL compiler (linker I think) emits assertion upon call to glAttachShader

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Seeing as glAttachShader was the last call in the apitrace output, I assumed
that it was the one crashing. After doing a proper gdb session, it was actually
in the glLinkShader call that crashes, and it is not recorded in the apitrace,
which is why we aren't seeing it in the apitrace that I attached. (I tried and
failed to reproduce using replay, for reasons now obvious)

I'm just going to attach the three shaders that are being linked (I think, from
the trace) to cause the crash. I can't get src/glsl/glsl_compiler to compile
the shaders, for a reason that looks unrelated, but if I could maybe the crash
could be re-produced that way.

If you don't have any better ideas, Kenneth, then I'll write a small GL program
that reads in these three shaders and attempts to link them. It will take me a
couple of days to find time for that though.

Thanks for your help!

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