[Bug 97291] Incorrect packing of struct

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Thu Aug 11 09:24:47 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from Matias N. Goldberg <dark_sylinc at yahoo.com.ar> ---

Just close it down.
I thought I was on latest version but I was not.

On Mesa 12.1 this issue has been fixed.

Our Compute samples refuse to run, which I guess that's expected.
Our Forward3D sample is also not working correctly (it should show hundreds of
lights but those lights are gone), which was working correctly in Mesa 11.2

Tomorrow I'll take a look, but I am already seeing incorrect warnings in those
0:228(28): warning: `nNormal' used uninitialized
0:231(14): warning: `material' used uninitialized

Close this ticket I'll create a new one when my mind is fresh

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