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--- Comment #4 from Matias N. Goldberg <dark_sylinc at yahoo.com.ar> ---
OK I'm fully re-powered and thinking straight now:

I've built Mesa from scratch. Tried commits git-edfc17a (current head of branch
12.0) and commit 17f1c49b9ad05af4f6482f6fa950e5dcc1a779d1 (current head of
master branch)

In both, I don't have compute shaders. Googling around it appears for Southern
Island radeon it could be buggy so it was turned off. Not 100% sure but I think
that's what's happening.
Anyway, not a big deal on that. WIP. Move on.

Like I said our Forward3D demo was glitching and I didn't know why. I've
investigated the problem and located it:
* glGetIntegerv w/ GL_UNIFORM_BUFFER_OFFSET_ALIGNMENT is returning 4, should
return 256 for my HW.
* glGetIntegerv w/ GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER_OFFSET_ALIGNMENT is returning 4, should
return 256 for my HW.

This is clearly not a shader issue which is why I reported it in this ticket:

Thanks for assistance, and I'm sorry for having bothered you earlier.

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