[Bug 97448] [HSW] deqp-vk.api_.copy_and_blit.image_to_image_stencil regression

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--- Comment #3 from Lionel Landwerlin <lionel.g.landwerlin at linux.intel.com> ---

We are dealing with a test that was previously skipped and is now enabled.

Attached are the expected and actual result of this test.
After a bit of digging I figure that the pitch of the destination surface
(R8_UINT W-tiled) has a pitch of 512, the actual picture having a pitch of 256
in linear tiling. It's kind of surprising, and forcing the pitch to 256 fixes
the test.

Here is an extract of the driver for pitch computation :

/* From the Broadwell PRM Vol 2d, RENDER_SURFACE_STATE::SurfacePitch:      
 *    "If the surface is a stencil buffer (and thus has Tile Mode set      
 *    to TILEMODE_WMAJOR), the pitch must be set to 2x the value           
 *    computed based on width, as the stencil buffer is stored with two    
 *    rows interleaved."                                                   
 * This, together with the fact that stencil buffers are referred to as    
 * being Y-tiled in the PRMs for older hardware implies that the           
 * physical size of a W-tile is actually the same as for a Y-tile.         

I'm wondering whether we shouldn't double the pitch because as far as I
understand meta_copy renders to the buffer as a color attachment. Does this
constraint still apply in this case?
Also is this all going away once the blorp work Jason has been working on

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