[Bug 96671] Latest INTEL LINUX Mesa driver installer (1.4.0) causes MATLAB graphics operations to either hang or produce a java exception on Fedora 23

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Thu Aug 25 14:57:48 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Elio <elio.martinez.monroy at intel.com> ---
I was able to reproduce the issue. You are able to run Matlab in low graphics

After applying changes from Installer tool. I got the following error executing
any script that involves graphics in Matlab:

> run graphicsInteractiveApp.m
Error using hgopengl
Java exception occurred:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Waited 5000ms for: <67f6359a, 553946c8>[count 2 [
add. 0, orig 2], qsz 0, owner <Startup Class Loader>, add.owner Startup Class
Loader-SharedResourceRunner] - <main>
        at com.jogamp.opengl.GLProfile.initSingleton(GLProfile.java:199)
        at com.jogamp.opengl.GLProfile.getDefaultDevice(GLProfile.java:2003)
        at com.jogamp.opengl.GLCapabilities.<init>(GLCapabilities.java:84)
        at com.mathworks.hg.uij.OpenGLUtils.getGLData(OpenGLUtils.java:78)

Error in hgopengl

Error in graphicsInteractiveApp (line 37)
d = opengl('data');

Error in run (line 96)
evalin('caller', [script ';']);.

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