[Bug 93840] [i965] Alien: Isolation fails with GL_ARB_compute_shader enabled

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Tue Aug 30 20:26:44 UTC 2016


--- Comment #15 from Darius Spitznagel <d.spitznagel at goodbytez.de> ---
Hello Matt,

great, it's working with your patch as you expected:)
No more crash at start!

I only played about 2 minutes.
The only strange thing that I saw where flashing little white boxes (not spots,
max 4x4 pixels ore more) which maybe should simulate dust particles in the air
- but this is not the issue of this bug report.

Many thanks Matt!

Do you have doubts this patch could land in mesa?
> I expect the attached patch will fix it, though I'm not sure it's exactly what we want to do.

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