[Bug 98923] Texture size changes after updating texture with TexSubImage3D from pixel buffer

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Mon Dec 5 01:59:11 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Qiankun Miao <qiankun.miao at intel.com> ---
(In reply to Topi Pohjolainen from comment #2)
> Right, upstream has a fix for this, test passes. If I revert:
> commit ca84e190a446bbc29c3ef2864ba4ea5c7358a89a
> Author: Topi Pohjolainen <topi.pohjolainen at intel.com>
> Date:   Tue Nov 15 22:27:12 2016 +0200
>     i965/miptree: Don't shrink textures when augmenting for more levels
>     This was detected when examining CCS_E failures with piglit test:
>     "fbo-generatemipmap-formats". Test creates a 2D texture with
>     dimensions 293x277. It manually loops over all levels and calls
>     glTexImage2D(). Level one triggers creation of full miptree:
>     intel_alloc_texture_image_buffer() realizes that there is only one
>     level in the miptree and calls intel_miptree_create_for_teximage()
>     to re-allocate the miptree with all 9 levels. However, the end result
>     is a miptree with level zero dimensions of 292x276.
> I get: FAIL should draw with [255, 0, 0, 255]

The test still fails both on Iris Pro 6200 (Broadwell GT3e) and HD Graphics 530
(Skylake GT2) on ToT Mesa with the above patch. Could you help to verify it

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