[Bug 99001] [HSW] GPU HANG: ecode 7:0:0x85dffffc, in glxspheres64 [4492], reason: Hang on render ring, action: reset

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--- Comment #2 from yann <yann.argotti at intel.com> ---
Assigning to Mesa product (please let me know if I am mistaken with this GPU

Kernel: 4.9.0-rc8inteldri+ commit 721d484 of intel-drm branch
Platform: Haswell (pci id: 0x0416, pci revision: 0x06, pci subsystem:
Mesa: 13.0.2-2

>From this error dump, hung is happening in render ring batch with active head
at 0x018542c4, with 0x7a000003 (PIPE_CONTROL) as IPEHR.

We can also note ERROR: 0x00000101 [TLB page fault error (GTT entry not valid)]
and then in render ring "Unloaded PD Fault (PPGTT)"

Batch extract (around 0x018542c4):

0x01854294:      0x7b000005: 3DPRIMITIVE:
0x01854298:      0x00000006:    tri fan sequential
0x0185429c:      0x00000004:    vertex count
0x018542a0:      0x00000000:    start vertex
0x018542a4:      0x00000001:    instance count
0x018542a8:      0x00000000:    start instance
0x018542ac:      0x00000000:    index bias
0x018542b0:      0x7a000003: PIPE_CONTROL
0x018542b4:      0x00101001:    no write, cs stall, render target cache flush,
depth cache flush,
0x018542b8:      0x00000000:    destination address
0x018542bc:      0x00000000:    immediate dword low
0x018542c0:      0x00000000:    immediate dword high
0x018542c4:      0x7a000003: PIPE_CONTROL
0x018542c8:      0x00000c10:    no write, instruction cache invalidate, texture
cache invalidate, vf fetch invalidate,
0x018542cc:      0x00000000:    destination address
0x018542d0:      0x00000000:    immediate dword low
0x018542d4:      0x00000000:    immediate dword high
0x018542d8:      0x780e0000: 3DSTATE_CC_STATE_POINTERS
0x018542dc:      0x00007f01:    pointer to COLOR_CALC_STATE at 0x00007f00

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