[Bug 99072] [byt,ivb,snb] ES3-CTS.gtf.GL3Tests.shadow regression

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Tue Dec 13 18:19:21 UTC 2016


            Bug ID: 99072
           Summary: [byt,ivb,snb] ES3-CTS.gtf.GL3Tests.shadow regression
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Hardware: Other
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Drivers/DRI/i965
          Assignee: itoral at igalia.com
          Reporter: mark.a.janes at intel.com
        QA Contact: intel-3d-bugs at lists.freedesktop.org

Bisected to:

Author:     Iago Toral Quiroga <itoral at igalia.com>
i965: remove brw_lower_texture_gradients

This has been ported to NIR now so we don'tneed to keep the GLSL IR
lowering any more.

Tests crash with no output.

This regression was not caught by the CI prior to commit because we do not have
enough snb/ivb/byt systems to run the gles cts for developer builds in a timely

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