[Bug 99231] [HSW][i965] Crash in upload_3dstate_streamout()

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Fri Dec 30 19:41:11 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Shawn Starr <shawn.starr at rogers.com> ---
BAD commit:

700bc94dcebf4257740483d2ba467b138234fa1a is the first bad commit
commit 700bc94dcebf4257740483d2ba467b138234fa1a
Author: Timothy Arceri <timothy.arceri at collabora.com>
Date:   Thu Nov 3 16:00:37 2016 +1100

    mesa/glsl: move LinkedTransformFeedback from gl_shader_program to

    This will help allow us to store gl_program in the CurrentProgram array
    than gl_shader_program which will allow a bunch of simplifications.

    Note that we make LinkedTransformFeedback a pointer so we don't waste
    memory creating a struct for each stage. We also store a pointer to
    the gl_program that will contain the pointer in gl_shader_program so
    we can get easy access to the correct stage.

    Reviewed-by: Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net>                                  

:040000 040000 68eb9819c2961ed8a86d3c8cf5097352e7522145
db26c465e61f3f6b02bbb082fd7f8e75fcbccfd9 M      src                             

git bisect start
# bad: [36c648b894cfdf6471221d57504f9ba99b83cd41] spirv: always expose
git bisect bad 36c648b894cfdf6471221d57504f9ba99b83cd41
# good: [7a4ea95f1c5257e79a7a207eccff81c558c04d46] radeonsi: Bugfix needed for
git bisect good 7a4ea95f1c5257e79a7a207eccff81c558c04d46
# good: [75252826e82ffa9c091ebe5bcf303c9d7569c3a3] anv: return count of queue
families written
git bisect good 75252826e82ffa9c091ebe5bcf303c9d7569c3a3
# good: [0de6f6223ab917ec532e3fe3afd14f8f5cd3b87b] mesa/compiler: add stage to
git bisect good 0de6f6223ab917ec532e3fe3afd14f8f5cd3b87b
# bad: [8417bf528eb155028d56acaa4cbe05eb3536093b] mesa/glsl: move BlendSupport
bitfield to gl_program
git bisect bad 8417bf528eb155028d56acaa4cbe05eb3536093b
# good: [8a69ae5345045af4642145ad0bcfd1314d4d949e] mesa/compiler: add
local_size_variable to shader_info
git bisect good 8a69ae5345045af4642145ad0bcfd1314d4d949e
# good: [31c04e4e229bec4e059779b4034cf597ceeadf97] i965: get
LinkedTransformFeedback from gl_transform_feedback_object
git bisect good 31c04e4e229bec4e059779b4034cf597ceeadf97
# bad: [3177eef39277b64af3213603b58ff934b5218e39] mesa: store gl_program in
gl_transform_feedback_object rather than gl_shader_program
git bisect bad 3177eef39277b64af3213603b58ff934b5218e39
# bad: [700bc94dcebf4257740483d2ba467b138234fa1a] mesa/glsl: move
LinkedTransformFeedback from gl_shader_program to gl_program
git bisect bad 700bc94dcebf4257740483d2ba467b138234fa1a
# first bad commit: [700bc94dcebf4257740483d2ba467b138234fa1a] mesa/glsl: move
LinkedTransformFeedback from gl_shader_program to gl_program

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