[Bug 94345] WebGL conformance2/reading/read-pixels-from-fbo-test.html fails

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Thu Mar 3 01:42:40 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org> ---
I think there may be a bug in the test.

The (RGB5_A1, RGBA, UNSIGNED_BYTE) case is giving this:
FAIL Expected color = 127.5,0,178.5,255, was = 123,0,173,255

The first suspicious aspect is that these are 8-bit UNORM values, which are
supposed to be integers between 0 and 255.  But it's expecting 127.5 and
178.5...which are not integers.

Reading the test, denormalizeColor() has a tolerance of 5 (tol = 5) for this
case.  178.5 vs 173 would pass with a tolerance of 6.  In other cases (unsigned
short/int) it raises the tolerance to 40 to allow NVIDIA to pass.  Also, with a
5-bit source value, being off by 1 results in a delta of 8.  I think the
tolerance should be raised.

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