[Bug 99582] [SKL] GPU HANG: ecode 9:0:0x85dffffb, in Xorg [1085], reason: Hang on render ring, action: reset

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Fri Feb 3 04:03:42 UTC 2017


--- Comment #20 from Mark Janes <mark.a.janes at intel.com> ---
I opened your file on my sklgt2, and was able to scroll/zoom for a *long* time
with no gpu hangs.  I'm using debian testing with linux 4.9, modesetting, mesa

There seems to be something else going on with your system, because installing
mesa to /usr/local/ can not disable your system.  Encountering a GPU Hang can
sometimes generate unrecoverable errors that require a reboot, but you should
never need to reinstall.

It's troubling that this wouldn't work properly on Ubuntu with the oibaf ppa. 
It would be good for someone else who uses Ubuntu can reproduce this with your
kicad project.

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