[Bug 101378] interpolateAtSample check for input parameter is too strict

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Sun Jun 11 09:41:00 UTC 2017


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Sorry, copy/paste error, the first two lines are from another unrelated error.
The correct error message is just this part:

    0:18(33): error: parameter `interpolant` must be a shader input
    0:18(6): error: no matching function for call to `length(error)';
candidates are:
    0:18(6): error:    float length(float)
    0:18(6): error:    float length(vec2)
    0:18(6): error:    float length(vec3)
    0:18(6): error:    float length(vec4)
    0:18(6): error:    double length(double)
    0:18(6): error:    double length(dvec2)
    0:18(6): error:    double length(dvec3)
    0:18(6): error:    double length(dvec4)
    0:18(6): error: operands to relational operators must be scalar and numeric
    0:18(6): error: if-statement condition must be scalar boolean

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