[Bug 101592] Very slow performance when rendering scenes with transparency, probably caused by excessive copying (intel_miptree_map())

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Mon Jun 26 14:33:18 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Steve Holland <sdh4 at iastate.edu> ---
Application is dgscope, a newer, not yet published version of

This cropped up when we discovered we had failed to set GLUT_ALPHA in
glutInitDisplayMode() (oops!). Other drivers had drawn transparency just fine
without GLUT_ALPHA, but this one was drawing everything as fully opaque. 

The 10-100x slowdown is compared to previous version of dgscope (without
GLUT_ALPHA) running on 3-year old hardware under Fedora 25. Will get you more
clarity shortly. 

Curiously, the slowdown doesn't seem to occur if the entire scene has 100%

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