[Bug 103646] latest mesa git probably after commit c591b1e59454db2e8854e36852e0d413ce38b2f2 causes strange transparency in supertuxkart

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Thu Nov 9 20:35:18 UTC 2017


--- Comment #12 from Deve <deveee at gmail.com> ---
So the srgb patch seems to work fine. STK doesn't complain about framebuffer
that is not srgb-capable, it doesn't use the alpha_channel=true hack, and also
glxinfo shows some configs with srgb framebuffers.

I suppose that something in your compositor/window manager was changed. And
actually I would like to find a way to reproduce it, so that I can fix it in

Maybe we need a wl_surface_set_opaque_region equivalent for x11 to be 100%

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