[Bug 103633] [ANV bisected] ASTROKILL broken since commit a62a97933578a813beb0d27cc8e404850f7fd302 on Haswell

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--- Comment #2 from Lionel Landwerlin <lionel.g.landwerlin at linux.intel.com> ---
Looking into this problem, it seems Astrokill is using the wrong image usage
flags when creating an image view for a depth/stencil image.
There is a validation error raise when using the debug layer core_validation :

DS(ERROR): object: 0x891afe8 type: 23 location: 1125 msgCode: 364905100:
vkUpdateDescriptorsSets() failed write update validation for Descriptor Set
0x891afe8 with error: Write update to descriptor in set 0x891afe8 binding #0
failed with error message: Attempted write update to combined image sampler
descriptor failed due to: ImageView (0x7f23b0224470) with usage mask 0x35 being
used for a descriptor update of type VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_COMBINED_IMAGE_SAMPLER
does not have VK_IMAGE_USAGE_SAMPLED_BIT set.. The spec valid usage text states
VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_INPUT_ATTACHMENT, the imageView and imageLayout members of
each element of pImageInfo must be a valid VkImageView and VkImageLayout,

In debug build our driver asserts but in release mode we just carry one
silently and we just put wrong data into the hardware binding table (problem
explaining the corruption you're seeing).

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