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--- Comment #6 from Darius Spitznagel <d.spitznagel at goodbytez.de> ---
Yes it is an UE4 game. I think it uses version 4.15.x

I followed the link to Bug #97852...

Timothee Besset (comment #11)
> Possibly related: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/4080/files
> (engine side fix)
> While an engine fix is always desireable .. "for the future", I agree that
> if this could be turned into a warning on the driver side it would be nice.

I think I cloud test this and see what happens.
Can you attach a patch which is turning this error into a warning?

If this is really an engine error and Nvidia blob is using a workaround (like
they often do - grrr) I would contact the game developers and ask for an engine

Sadly the link from Timothee Besset is dead.
This would have been a good point to let the game developrs know.

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