[Bug 103899] Missing clear color now with 'anv: Stop resolving CCS implicitly'

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Sun Nov 26 02:22:12 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Craig Stout <cstout at chromium.org> ---
Yes I confirmed the behavior exists on master.

You can repro the behavior with the LunarG cube demo:

1) In the driver's x11 swapchain, change the image tiling from X to Y. This is
necessary because an aux surface is created only for Y tiled surfaces.

anv_wsi.c (anv_wsi_image_create):
  pass 0 as .isl_tiling_flags instead of ISL_TILING_X_BIT
  pass I915_TILING_Y to anv_gem_set_tiling instead of I915_TILING_X

2) Change the finalLayout in demo_prepare_render_pass

cube.c (demo_prepare_render_pass):
   change finalLayout to VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_COLOR_ATTACHMENT_OPTIMAL instead of

So 2) is technically invalid in this case because the image is being presented.

However in my application the image isn't being presented directly.  Instead,
the buffer is being imported into another process which reads from the image as
a texture.

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