[Bug 103110] [GEN7]=?UTF-8?Q?=C2=A010=2D20=25=20drop=20in=20SynMark=20terrain=20tests=20perf?=, 4% drop in Manhattan 3.0 perf

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Mon Nov 27 11:53:08 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
During the same commit range there's also clear 15% drop in SynMark PSPom
performance on BYT (with 1-channel memory).  On HSW GT2, PSPom drop is 2%.

Because GfxBench drops happen also with offscreen versions, I don't think it's
required that Mesa would be used by the whole system (by X modesetting driver)
like in our system.

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