[Bug 103241] Anv crashes when using 64-bit vertex inputs

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Fri Aug 3 18:27:02 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from Józef Kucia <joseph.kucia at gmail.com> ---
It is still reproducible:

$ VK_LAYER_PATH=../layers/ git-mesa-vk-intel ./vk_layer_validation_tests
Note: Google Test filter =
[==========] Running 1 test from 1 test case.
[----------] Global test environment set-up.
[----------] 1 test from VkPositiveLayerTest
[ RUN      ] VkPositiveLayerTest.CreatePipeline64BitAttributesPositive
vk_layer_validation_tests: ./genxml/gen9_pack.h:72: __gen_uint: Assertion `v <=
max' failed.


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