[Bug 107420] [hsw] GPU HANG: ecode 7:0:0x86dffffd in Xorg

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--- Comment #4 from Georg <gchomse at chomse.de> ---
Hmm. I think the problem is something else:
I really did a lot in the meantime. I even tried to upgrade 'mesa'. I was
finally able to compile, but was not able to install it (make install).

But: as mentioned in my first post Ubuntu seems to have a similar problem on my
system. (I cannot imagine, that this is a problem on all systems. :-) There
probably would be more noise... )

So I boot the installation CD in the live system mode. I end up in the
graphical screen but I cannot do anything her. If I switch to a terminal
(<ctrl><alt>F4) I find the error file attached here and I see mesa version
18.0.0. This is the reason for my doubts.

In another post I found this 'workaround': Install Ubuntu 16.04 and upgrade to
18.04. Ok. I did this and - it seems to work as expected.
I don's say this to propose this as the solution, but maybe it helps you to
find the root cause.

Thank's for taking care for me!

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