[Bug 107505] [lars] dEQP-GLES31.functional.geometry_shading.layered#render_with_default_layer_3d failure

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--- Comment #18 from gaurav.k.singh at intel.com ---

The skylake lars system I am using is GT1 only.

The reason why is from the below info:

localhost /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0 # cat i915_sseu_status
SSEU Device Info
  Available Slice Total: 1
  Available Subslice Total: 2
  Available Subslice Per Slice: 2
  Available EU Total: 12
  Available EU Per Subslice: 6
  Has Slice Power Gating: no
  Has Subslice Power Gating: no
  Has EU Power Gating: yes
SSEU Device Status
  Enabled Slice Total: 1
  Enabled Subslice Total: 2
  Enabled Subslice Per Slice: 2
  Enabled EU Total: 16
  Enabled EU Per Subslice: 8

Confirmed with below mesa code as well which defined device info for skl_gt1:

static const struct gen_device_info gen_device_info_skl_gt1 = {
   GEN9_FEATURES, .gt = 1,
   .is_skylake = true,
   .num_slices = 1,
   .num_subslices = { 2, },
   .num_eu_per_subslice = 6,
   .l3_banks = 2,
   .urb.size = 192,

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