[Bug 107760] GPU Hang when Playing DiRT 3 Complete Edition using Steam Play with DXVK

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Note: I can't test newer kernels right now as anything newer than 4.17 makes
LXD containers fail, so I have to wait for a LXD update before testing newer
kernel versions.

Reading dmesg it's not absurd to think there is a issue with the kernel, as
there are thousands of messages like:

[20571.238992] dragonrise 0003:0079:0006.0001: output queue full

Right now there are 587692 messages like this one. They are related to the
controller I have. Maybe this is unrelated to this hang, but all other titles I
tested don't have this issue, being it exclusive to DiRT 3 Complete Edition, so

Here is a brief video showing DiRT 3 Complete Edition gameplay while the system
was under memory pressure (6,5 GB + 500 MB swap):


Without the patch from the attachment 141385, there were at least 3 potential
occasions where a GPU hang and consequent game freeze would have happened. At 2
seconds (after selecting "Race"), at 13 seconds, when the camera changes to the
pilot's camera and at 18 seconds, when the green lights were lit.

The video is this short because after that I fell off the road and the computer
froze for 5 minutes due to high memory usage (playing + recording seems to be
too much), but even with that extremely long freeze the computer returned and
DiRT 3 did not crash, which was unthinkable before the patch.

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