[Bug 104892] [gen4] GPU hang in KDE plasmashell [openSUSE 42.3]

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Sun Feb 4 17:24:05 UTC 2018


--- Comment #4 from Juha Vuori <juha.vuori at pp2.inet.fi> ---
I upgraded my openSUSE 42.3 system with all updates included in Xorg build repo
delivered by openSUSE, which upgraded Mesa from 17.0.5-176.1 to 17.1.6-720.1.

The first two KDE GUI working sessions worked flawlessly.
However, I don't think it proves that the problem is completely corrected
because it has been happening so sporadically (maybe ~30% of KDE sessions have
suffered from the problem). I can report later after using the system a bit
more if the problem seems to have disappeared.


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