[Bug 104892] [gen4] GPU hang in KDE plasmashell [openSUSE 42.3]

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Wed Feb 7 19:27:46 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from Juha Vuori <juha.vuori at pp2.inet.fi> ---
After running cleanly for a couple of days' sessions, GUI hang did recur today
7th Feb at 19:40:50, even with the updated Mesa + other Xorg upgrades.
Now this seems to be originated in the Xorg process:
GPU HANG: ecode 4:0:0xfde5fafd, in Xorg ...
whereas the previous hang happened in plasmashell.
Anything new conclusions to be made by the messages or the new GPU crash dump?
Meanwhile, I plan to upgrade Mesa further to its newest level available.
Thanks, Juha

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