[Bug 104971] Test failures on 32 bit Mesa compiled with GCC 7.x

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Fri Feb 9 02:08:44 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from Francisco Jerez <currojerez at riseup.net> ---
(In reply to Clayton Craft from comment #2)
> I found one specific test case in piglit that fails (from
> piglit.spec.arb_shading_language_packing.execution.built-in-functions.const-
> packunorm2x16):
>     actual = packUnorm2x16(vec2(1e+256, 0.9));
>     if (true
>         && actual != 3865509887u
>         ) {
>          vert_color = red;
>     }

That confirms my suspicion that this is really a bug of the piglit test.  The
0.9 floating point value is exactly mid-way between the 0xe665 and 0xe666 unorm
constants, so the test's expectations that it will give 0xe666 are unwarranted.

The easiest solution for this is likely to be to add some checks to the python
generator to avoid testing conversions that have an ambiguous result.

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