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--- Comment #4 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
- As speculated in first comment, Mesa has never rendered CarChase correctly on


Here's an abbreviated list of Mesa versions I tested with 4.15 drm-tip kernel
(as 2015 & early 2016 kernels had issues on BSW too):
- mesa-11.0.9
- mesa-11.1.4
  [...CarChase shader compilation fails...]
- a5038427c3 i965: Add tessellation evaluation shaders -> test start fail
- 24be658d13 i965: Add tessellation control shaders -> Mesa build fail
  [...month of Mesa build fails due to bool vs. int* mismatch...]
- 13b87e02b9 freedreno/a4xx: Add support for adreno 430 -> Mesa build fail
- 263f829d2e i965/vec4/tcs: Return NULL instead of false in brw_compile_tcs()
-> test runs
- mesa-11.2.0-rc1
- mesa-11.2.0
- mesa-11.2.1
- mesa-11.2.2
- mesa-12.0.0
- mesa-12.0.6
- mesa-13.0.0
- mesa-13.0.6
- mesa-17.0.0
- mesa-17.0.7 (tested both with 4.15 & Ubuntu 16.04 4.4 kernel)
- mesa git head

CarChase doesn't start with 2015 11.2.0-pre commits, even with tessellation
override.  When the necessary tessellation support was added in end of Dec
2015, Mesa build was broken, and it took a month until that got fixed. First
successfully building Jan 2016 Mesa git commit already shows the issue.

Mesa 11.2.0 is the first release version which can actually start CarChase.  It
needs GL 4.3 & compute overrides as CarChase requests GL 4.3 context which is
officially supported only in Mesa 12.0.0.

Mesa 17.0.0 is the first version that doesn't have additional rendering issues
(see screenshot in bug 96743) besides this bug.

Note: I tried applying the Mesa build fix 263f829d2e to 24be658d13 (Add
tessellation control shaders), and while that is the first commit that can run
CarChase, it doesn't render it correctly at all, tessellation is still too
broken.  Quite a few fixes to that went in during Jan 2016.

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