[Bug 104884] memory leak with intel i965 mesa when running android container in Ubuntu

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Tue Feb 20 05:44:25 UTC 2018


--- Comment #14 from Jiancong <94389147 at qq.com> ---
Testing with Simon's patch,removing ralloc_strdup, it still be found following
possible leaking points.

==13823== 40,176 bytes in 1 blocks are possibly lost in loss record 907 of 915
==13823==    at 0x4C2DB8F: malloc (in
==13823==    by 0x11BA013C: ralloc_size (ralloc.c:121)
==13823==    by 0x11BA021D: rzalloc_size (ralloc.c:153)
==13823==    by 0x11BA1331: ra_alloc_reg_set (register_allocate.c:197)
==13823==    by 0x11EF1EEC: brw_vec4_alloc_reg_set
==13823==    by 0x11E2D128: brw_compiler_create (brw_compiler.c:113)
==13823==    by 0x11CDD337: intelInitScreen2 (intel_screen.c:2667)
==13823==    by 0x11C6D1B6: driCreateNewScreen2 (dri_util.c:151)
==13823==    by 0xFFDDED6: dri3_create_screen (dri3_glx.c:869)
==13823==    by 0xFFB1CD0: AllocAndFetchScreenConfigs (glxext.c:820)
==13823==    by 0xFFB1CD0: __glXInitialize (glxext.c:946)
==13823==    by 0xFFAD811: glXGetFBConfigs (glxcmds.c:1655)
==13823==    by 0x1CA398E4: (anonymous
namespace)::GlxDisplay::queryConfigs(int, void (*)(void*, EglOS::ConfigInfo

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