[Bug 105183] Weird assertion in NIR linker

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Wed Feb 21 02:19:25 UTC 2018


            Bug ID: 105183
           Summary: Weird assertion in NIR linker
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Hardware: Other
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: glsl-compiler
          Assignee: mesa-dev at lists.freedesktop.org
          Reporter: idr at freedesktop.org
        QA Contact: intel-3d-bugs at lists.freedesktop.org

GCC issues the following warning in my build:

In file included from ../../SOURCE/master/src/compiler/glsl_types.h:29:0,
                 from ../../SOURCE/master/src/compiler/nir_types.h:36,
                 from ../../SOURCE/master/src/compiler/nir/nir.h:39,
../../SOURCE/master/src/compiler/nir/nir_linking_helpers.c: In function
../../SOURCE/master/src/compiler/nir/nir_linking_helpers.c:286:63: warning:
ordered comparison of pointer with integer zero [-Wextra]
          assert(remap[var->data.location - VARYING_SLOT_VAR0] >= 0);

I looked at the code, and remap is declared as "struct varying_loc
(*remap)[4]".  It is comparing that a pointer to an array of 4 structures is >=
0.  I'm not sure what the original intention was, but this tautology isn't
doing it.

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