[Bug 105184] [skl] GPU HANG: ecode 9:0:0x85dffffb, in Xorg - random and REALLY annoying.

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Thu Feb 22 23:24:47 UTC 2018


--- Comment #9 from Wes Will <wwill at farreaches.org> ---
(In reply to Elizabeth from comment #6)
> Hello Wes, what mesa version are you using? It is possible that you
> replicate at least with kernel 4.13 to get more information in the error
> state? Thanks.

Highest version (including libgl1 and development) available from the OpenSuSE
repositories is only 17.0.5.

I am just about done with SuSE linux as a reasonable distro.  Maybe on top-end
and new gear, it might be okay, but it isn't handling the older hardware I have
to use nearly well enough any more, and that used to be one of the high points
of OpenSuSE.  Add in the systemd idiocy, and I'm about to give up on this, wipe
the OS off of here and re-image with a non-systemd distro.  Maybe I'll try a
from-scratch compile, for the ability to pick and choose which of the myriad
modules wind up in the kernel.

Getting Mesa (version 18-plus), will be one of the goals I'll insist on
meeting.  The i915 / DRI issues, if they re-appear with that version I will
report it here.  Give me a few hours (maybe a couple of days if I get emergency
calls late, I do restaurant maintenance and never know when the idiots will
break something important), to get something ready to go on this laptop.

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