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--- Comment #2 from Jason Ekstrand <jason at jlekstrand.net> ---
(In reply to Mark Janes from comment #1)
> My understanding is that HSW is lacking hardware features.

That's not quite true.  I believe Haswell is capable of doing everything
required for Vulkan but there are some corner cases it doesn't quite handle
right.  In particular:

 1) Haswell doesn't support stencil texturing
 2) Haswell border colors are bizarrely format-dependent and some sort of
shader work-around would be neede for them to work correctly.
 3) vkCmdWaitEvents is not implemented because Haswell lacks a memory-based
MI_SEMAPHORE_WAIT.  This could probably be worked around by doing a busy-loop
in the command streamer.

On Ivybridge and Bay Trail, there are a couple other issues:

 4) No support for texture swizzle so channel orderings just don't work.
 5) Integer border color basically doesn't work at all.  The only fix is very
painful shader workarounds.

That's all I know of off-hnand and it's probably all fixable.  However, we
(Intel) have no commitment to Vulkan on Haswell hardware and earlier beyond
trying to avoid breaking it further.  If some community member wants to take on
an item on that TODO list, I'd be happy to review and help land the patches but
they're all fairly annoying things to fix.  (I've already fixed all the easy

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