[Bug 104884] memory leak with intel i965 mesa when running android container in Ubuntu

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Thu Mar 1 15:02:57 UTC 2018


--- Comment #19 from Jiancong <94389147 at qq.com> ---
(In reply to Eero Tamminen from comment #17)
> (In reply to Kenneth Graunke from comment #15)
> > (In reply to Jiancong from comment #14)
> > > Testing with Simon's patch,removing ralloc_strdup, it still be found
> > > following possible leaking points.
> ...
> > That happens when you forget to glXDestroyContext and glXMakeCurrent to NULL
> > to unbind it so it can actually get freed.  It's not a driver bug.
> (In reply to Jiancong from comment #16)
> > Created attachment 137522 [details]
> > Patched with previous fix, and rerun the valgrind memcheck.
> Please fix the issue pointed out by Kenneth first, and some of the other
> application bugs visible in the valgrind output first.  Otherwise it's hard
> to say which of those numerous items in your log are relevant.
> Alternative, you could kill the valgrind process with a signal that the
> application doesn't catch, but Valgrind can catch (e.g. SIGHUP or SIGXCPU
> could be such).  That way application cannot mess up the leakage info with
> bugs it has in its exit path (which are irrelevant for tracking down
> run-time leakage).
> Note that for tracking down larger leaks, Valgrind Massif output is often
> more useful than Valgrind Memcheck output.

Thanks for your advice. 

I've tested it again with massif and killed valgrind process with SIGHUP. After
4 hours testing, And I attached the massif.out file in attachment named . From
the file, the #1 memory occupation is ralloc_size. As android app open and
exit, the ralloc_size increase dramtically.

The #2 memory occupation is eglCreateContext. But the weird is the callstack
shows mesa called _swrast_CreateContext finally. In the configuration process,
I've disabled swrast compile with "./configure  --enable-glx=dri --enable-dri
--with-dri-drivers=i915,i965 --with-gallium-drivers=i915
--disable-gallium-llvm". Is there anything wrong in my configuration?

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