[Bug 101408] [Gen8+] Xonotic fails to render one of the weapons

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--- Comment #16 from Stuart Young <cefiar at gmail.com> ---
Ok, got my system running well enough to do help debug this.

Created my own trace using the method I describe above, so the trace is smaller
at 261M & 392 frames. Trace only focuses on mortar model waiting for pickup on
ground, not in players hands.

System is Debian stretch with Kernel 4.14 and Mesa 17.3.6.

trace (xz compressed 143M):

Frame 379: First appearance of location of mortar. Mortar rendered.
Frame 380: Mortar fails to render from this frame.

Looking at Frame 380 in FrameRetrace (thanks Mark), found a high spike where
the Mortar should render in "N primitives entering clipping" and "N primitives
leaving clipping".

>From looking at the Metrics, there's no Fragment shader operations, so this is
either the Vertex shader or something to do with Textures (which afaik
FrameRetrace doesn't give much insight into).

Curiously, if I toggle (tick/untick) "Stop at Render" under the Render target
tab, sometimes the preview renders the Mortar (sometimes when ticked, sometimes
unticked), and sometimes it doesn't (mostly not).

 The mortar model was revamped from the previous model. The new model is more
complex and the textures are larger. This makes me wonder if the issue is
related to large textures not being rendered properly (eg: not being loaded,
etc). I do see a bunch of errors in qapitrace, but I personally have no idea
whether any of these could be related or not as I don't really understand them.
The Rocket launcher model (viewable in frame 378) was also updated but seems to
be unaffected most of the time.
 There's a high spike for "N primitives entering clipping" and "N primitives
leaving clipping" for the Rocket Launcher (frame 378) too, so this may be a
false positive, but it definitely highlights the render frame for the weapon.
 Toggling "Stop at Render" for the Rocket Launcher in frame 378 always renders
the rocket launcher.
 I could not get FrameRetrace to render frame 379. It goes through the process,
but gives me back a blank report with no values or metrics. It's the first
frame rendered at the new location, and where the mortar is initially visible.
I can do this in qapiretrace (and get a thumbnail), but then I don't get as
useful diagnostics, especially so I can compare frame 379 and 380 to see what
might have changed.

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