[Bug 105496] Using a single-plane imageview from a multi-plane image is broken

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> (In reply to Lionel Landwerlin from comment #1)
> > I think the mistake here is that you're using a single image with 2
> > different view. This requires a compatible format between the 2 views. R8 &
> > G8_B8_R8_3PLANE_420 are not compatible.
> Yes they are. Read this. It's right at the top.
> https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan/specs/1.1-extensions/html/vkspec.
> html#features-formats-compatible-planes

As far as I can tell, compatible formats apply to images, not image views.

Here is the bit of image creation that refers to compatible formats for planes

VK_IMAGE_CREATE_ALIAS_BIT indicates that two images created with the same
creation parameters and aliased to the same memory can interpret the contents
of the memory consistently with each other, subject to the rules described in
the Memory Aliasing section. This flag further indicates that each plane of a
disjoint image can share an in-memory non-linear representation with
single-plane images, and that a single-plane image can share an in-memory
non-linear representation with a plane of a multi-planar disjoint image,
according to the rules in Compatible formats of planes of multi-planar formats.
If the pNext chain includes a VkExternalMemoryImageCreateInfo structure whose
handleTypes member is not 0, it is as if VK_IMAGE_CREATE_ALIAS_BIT is set.

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