[Bug 105496] Using a single-plane imageview from a multi-plane image is broken

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Sat Mar 17 22:28:32 UTC 2018


--- Comment #21 from Jason Ekstrand <jason at jlekstrand.net> ---
> > If you get the spec changed, I'll be happy to add the storage bit on
> > multi-planar formats.
> > As it stands though, supporting storage on multi-planar (in all possible
> > cases) is a few changes not really worth making since you can avoid it with
> > just an additional VkImage.
> Which is an ugly hack which relies that the memory bound to both images is
> properly aligned, has the same tiling and is otherwise idential in all
> respects. Its awful. I don't know how you can even propose this to be a
> valid workaround.

Yes, just creating a view seems to be nicer than creating an aliasing image. 
However, I don't think that's as ugly as you think it is.  If you create the
image with the disjoint bit, it is required to work as per section 11.8 of the
Vulkan 1.1.71 spec.

> You do realize that you're contradicting and rejecting a
> part of the specifications? And until today I don't think you had even heard
> of this despite stating that you wrote a part of it.
> I'd like to have another person's opinion on this, preferably someone who
> actually reads the spec.

I realize that this discussion is rather frustrating.  However, that's not a
valid excuse for your belligerence.  We can have a civil technical discussion
without making any accusations.  Lionel is vary knowledgeable both about the
YcBcR spec and our driver and should be treated as such.  If there is some bit
of the spec you believe he is missing, feel free to quote it and make your
argument but please drop the hostility.

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